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Assateague Century - Salisbury, MD

Directions to Salisbury University:

00.0 - Bateman Street, Cross Route 13 (South Salibury Boulevard) via the underpass55.0LHarrison Road @ SS (unmarked)
00.3 R South Division @ SS55.3RLewis Store Road @ SS (unmarked)
01.3 R To stay on South Division Street58.2RRoute 611 after yield sign to Assateague State Park
02.2 L Route 513 (Cedar Lane)61.3-Assateague National Park Visitors Center
03.2 X Overpass61.6XVerrazano Bridge
06.2 R Stevens Road (left side of this intersection is Old Pocomoke Road)62.7-Continue straight past tool booth to REST STOP. Return and cross Verrazano Bridge to continue ride.
10.9 - Straight onto Whiteburg Road (unmarked)67.3LLewis Road
18.7 L Route 364 @ SS69.0LSinepuxent Road @ SS
19.9 - Becomes Nassawango Road71.2-Straight @ SS (unmarked)
21.0 R Milburn Landing State Park71.4RBerlin Store Road @ SS (unmarked)
22.1 - REST STOP at Milburn Landing. Continue back toward entrance to park.72.7XRoute 113 @ SS and continue straight on Route 376 west - follow road with double line
23.3 R Nassawango Road out of Milburn Landing73.2LCOMPLICATTED INTERSECTION IN BELIN! L onto William Street at SS, R onto S. Main Street at next SS. Then take first L onto Route 374.
30.2 L Snow Hill Road @ SS78.3RPurnell Crossing Road
33.7 R Mount Olive Church Road80.3LTo stay on Purnell Crossing Road
36.6 R Laws Road (unmarked)82.9LRoute 354 @ SS
36.9 BL Laws Road83.0Rinto Adkins Mill Pond Park - REST STOP - R out of Rest stop toward Powellville on Route 354.
40.2 L Shockley Road @ SS (unmarked)83.4RRoute 350 91.1 L Walston Switch Road
41.4 L Route 354 @ SS92.0LAirport Road @ SS
42.1 R Whiton Xing Road. MINI REST STOP is just after turn on L92.9RWard Road
43.8 L Ninepin Branch Road (unmarked @ grass triangle/viewtrail 100 sign to go left)94.3LMount Hermon Church Road @ SS
45.1 R Patey Woods Road (unmarked - take R onto tar and chip road, DO NOT follow Viewtrail 100 sign)94.5SNutter's Cross Road @ SS
46.9 L Bethards Road (L at Viewtrail 100 signs)95.9S@ SS, cross route 12 (Snow Hill Road) continue on Nutter's Cross Road
49.2 R Ironshire Station Road @ SS (unmarked)96.8RCoulbourne Mill Road @ SS
50.2 L Evan's Road97.8SCoulbourne Mill Road @ SS (Coulborne Mill Road becomes Division Street after overhead bridge)
53.0 S Buckingham Lane100.1LBateman Street
53.5 R South Main Street @ SS100.4X Route 113 through pedestrain underpass. Use caution accessing the underpass on the south side of Batement Street.
53.6 X Route 113 @ SS and continue straight onto Germantown Road (unmarked)100.4-Finish at SU.
54.2 L Trappe Road