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UMES Metric Century - Salisbury, MD

Directions to Salisbury University:

00.0 - Leave SU on Bateman Street, cross under route 1327.1-Straight @ SS to continue on Iron Furnace Road
00.3 R South Division Street @ SS33.0RMillville Road (unmarked) just before Old Iron Furnace
01.3 R To continue on South Division Street33.9LTo continue on Millville Road @ SS
02.2 L Route 513 @ SS (Cedar Lane becomes St. Lukes Road)34.6RCreek Road @ SS
03.2 X Over Pass34.8BLto stay on Creek Road
06.2 R Stevens Road (left side of this intersection is Old Pocomoke RD)36.4RNassawango Road (aka River Road) @ SS
07.4 R McGrath Road41.1Linto Milburn Landing State Park
09.7 R Meadow Bridge Road @ SS42.1-REST STOP at Milburn Landing. Continue back to entrance of park.
10.2 L Backbone Road43.3LRiver Road after stop to leave Milburn landing State Park
13.0 BL to stay on Backbone Road after yield sign44.4BRto stay on River Road
17.2 R College Road (UMES) @ SS45.5LWhitesburg Road
18.0 L into UMES parking lot to REST STOP. L out of lot to continue ride53.4-Continue straight across Iron Furnace Road
18.4 R Broad Street (unmarked) after yield sign58.2LSt. Lukes Road (unmarked) after yield sign
18.5 L Beechwood Street62.1RSouth Division Street @ SS
18.8 L Route 388 (Post Office Road\Antioch Avenue) @ SS63.1Lto stay on South Division Street @ SS
25.2 L @ SS to continue on Post Office Road64.1LBateman Street
25.4 R Meadow Bridge Road @ SS64.4XRoute 13 to SU Campus